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Chanel is making a big splash with its newest Extra Mini Wallet On Chain. Wait, what? Yes, an extra mini wallet on chain and you read it right.

Taking a look at it, it kinda made a big impression on us since it sports a look we’ve never seen before. It’s such a breath of fresh air, no wait, it’s such a beautiful wallet to look at. A work of art on its own, Chanel really pushed its limits this time around and the result is pretty stunning and practical at the same time.

The shape of this Wallet On Chain Bag is new – usually a WOC is bigger in width, but this one appears to be more of the shape of a phone case. Anyway, the design is completely the same as the Classic Flap bag including a back pocket. It also comes with a gorgeous front flap featuring a stunning CC logo and interwoven chain link.

Made from lambskin and ruthenium metal, this wallet on chain bag is too cute not to mention! With practicality in mind, imagine never ever losing your wallet from your sight since it has a chained strap perfect for carrying around with your hands.

Available via Chanel online boutiques.




Chanel Extra Mini Python Wallet On Chain
Style code: A81102
Size: 5.5′ x 4.1′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $3300 USD, €3200 euro, £2720 GBP, $5110 SGD, $26800 HKD