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LV custom luggage

Custom designed Louis Vuitton replica luggage

I wonder if anyone else read the same article I found today about a reporter for Times Online who was invited to design her own ideal weekend luggage by Louis Vuitton? Unbelievable! I am so jealous. If I could only design my own Louis Vuitton purse replica I’d lose my mind.

Basically in conversation with a Louis Vuitton PR rep the journalist, Lisa Armstrong, mentioned that she’d never been able to find the perfect weekend travel bag—by Louis Vuitton or any other designer, replica, real or otherwise. Rather than show her a hundred LV bags to prove her wrong the PR person saw the opportunity to custom design an LV suitcase with the reporter and sell it for charity as a one off, when the bag was completed. So, cool!

Only One in the World, Replica Louis Vuitton For the Rest of Us

Personally I think the results, pictured above, are gorgeous. The purple is just enough to make it standout without overdoing it and the sort of oversized handbag look for a suitcase is pretty charming if you ask me. What I want to know is if there’s only one of these in the world, who’s going to make the Louis Vuitton replica of this bag for me? And you of course…ok, just you and me.

If you’re not sold on the exterior, have a look at contents below:

Custom replica Louis Vuitton luggage comes with all the bells and whistles.

The custom LV bag came with all the contents shown here.

The one of a kind carryon came with everything Ms Armstrong and the LV designer Jean-Philippe Martin agreed were the perfect accessories. My future Louis Vuitton replica bag features:

  • a skinny patent clutch in monogrammed Vernis with a detachable gold chain
  • a cashmere wrap/blanket and eye mask for the plane
  • a slim-line laptop case and a separate holder for all the cables
  • a transparent cosmetics bag with matching trim
  • an LV passport holder
  • a monogram toilette case
  • a small holder for the cashmere wraps with purple tie
  • the main suitcase with wheels and extendable handle.

If you need anything other than that for a weekend trip…well let’s hope you have enough connections to have your own designed, because just a good replica of this Louis Vuitton bag would suit me for any old trip. I think it’s genius.

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Paris Hilton’s Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags

Louis Vuitton News

Fake LV White Murakami bikini worn by Paris Hilton

Paris getting her fake Louis Vuitton bikini wet in Australia.

I was super surprised to find out that the white LV bikini Paris Hilton is wearing in these pics is fake Louis Vuitton. It turns out the rumors are true. There is no Murakami Monogram bikini like this. Paris was holding her million dollar chest together with a 20 dollar fake LV string bikini while on vacation in Australia. So the question is, did someone give it to her? Or did she buy it on purpose?

So, Why Not a Louis Vuitton Replica Handbag Too
Now, this took some serious digging, and even now I’m not sure if it’s true…but after looking all afternoon for proof of what I so wanted to know, I found it! Here’s Paris stepping out of a Cadillac with a Fake Louis Vuitton Papillon handbag.

Paris with a fake LV Murakami Papillon bag

Paris Hiltons fake Louis Vuitton Papillon Handbag?

Rumor has it that there never was a white Murakami Papillon. And when I think back I really don’t think there was. If I’m wrong someone tell me…is Paris Hilton’s LV a fake?

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Louis Vuitton Replica Kids


Piper Palin carrying her fake Louis Vuitton bag

Piper Palin: A little Mcdonalds and a fake Louis Vuittonbag.

By now a lot of people have seen this picture of the ex vice president to-be (or not to-be) Sarah Palin’s daughter Piper carrying a
Louis Vuitton replica bag. Maybe some of you have also seen what I’ve been seeing out on the town way more lately? Kids, tons of them, all carrying fake Louis Vuitton purses.

Well, if it’s true that our political leaders set moral standards…maybe they also set the fashion standards? And when the two things are mixed everyone gets disoriented. When a kid carries a Louis Vuitton replica into Mcdonald’s and orders a Happy Meal I have to admit; I have to hand it to that kid. After all, who’s going to criticize a kid for having a replica purse?

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Louis Vuitton Replica for Father’s Day


Louis Vuitton campaign for Fathers Day

Does this guy look like your dad? LV for Father's Day!

I receive the Louis Vuitton handbags newsletter in my inbox every month, and today it actually served as my reminder that father’s day is coming up…really soon. It’s a good thing for Louis, crap!

It also reminded me how much my dad could use some fashion help. He’s a pretty handsome guy, I mean maybe one day back…way, way back he looked a little like the guy in the LV ad above…just a bit.

It also reminded me (man, I should hire whoever sends this newsletter to be my personal assistant) how much Louis Vuitton replica there is for men, and how little people know about it. Some of my favorite replica sites have huge men’s collections. The Louis Vuitton monogram after all is about as unisex as it gets. Add to that the Suhali leather, the Damier canvas, Monogram Luggage, briefcases, backpacks, wallets—there’s a ton of Louis Vuitton replica to keep a man looking dapper for years. We’re all just too blinded by the handbags to notice….

I know what my dad’s getting. An LV Monogram billfold. What do you think? Would your dad like it?

replica Louis Vuitton bill fold

A great example of a replica Louis Vuitton bill fold. Photo courtesy of Replica Sun.

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Learn Super Stars Carry Louis Vuitton Monogram W Bags


Newest launched Louis Vuitton Monogram W Bags endorsement by the great and famous super star Michelle Williams. Not only Williams herself love this model Cheap LV handbags, but also there are so many of international super star like them very well, just like Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker and more. Here we have got a list of new images about they carry the Cheap LV Monogram W bags sale on hand, please enjoy it below!

JESSICA ALBA in Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM CamelReese Witherspoon carry Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel

 Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel

Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel

Look at Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon carry the Louis Vuitton Noisette Monogram M40941 W PM Camel, it is release in July 2013. The latest launch Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag sale offers five totes shaped W. You will find the iconic logo gracing the gussets of four out of five colorways, and this colorway model LV Monogram W bag must he most popular one. In the traditional coated canvas and tonal leather with flocked motives for a bit of added texture.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM PistachCatherine Deneuve in Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistach

 Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistache

This pair Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M94337 W PM Pistach colorway also very popular and hot among celebs, we will see Catherine Deneuve and Sarah Jessica Parker carry in the street, they must be a fans of this model LV W bag 2013. You also can shop real LV bag online for this hot model in a great price $256.99 with free delivery at louisvuittonline.cc.

Uma Thurman in Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM BrownDianna_Agron in Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown

Louis Vuitton Monogram Tuffetage M40942 W PM Brown crafted in two different materials that make up the letters W, with detachable shoulder strap included in the bag also loved by Uma Thurman and Diana Agron. Those great newest launch authentic Louis Vuitton bags not only available out Cheap Louis Vuitton bags store in a discount price at $256.99, but also as a Great Christmas Gift 2013 send to your family and friends. View more real LV bags, visit louisvuittonline.cc!

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Louis Vuitton Replica Speedy 30


Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

The Classic Monogram Speedy 30

Behold ladies, the Louis Vuitton Replica Monogram Speedy 30, perhaps the finest balance of usefulness and trend of any handbag ever. A fifty year old design that’s never been out of style. (Except maybe for a few days in the 80′s during that ugly, horrible, shoddy, overpriced bag fad….)

While other Louis Vuitton Monogram bags, as well as some Gucci and Fendi styles (that we’re also going to look at) are perhaps more sexy, chic or extravagant, the Speedy 30 is your everyday bag, your bread and butter, and there’s nothing in that category as elegant as this versatile, tough and trendy design. While the authentic is known as a relatively affordable bag, the Speedy is the centerpiece of any LV replica dealer’s collection.

LV Monogram Speedy 30 Features
With it’s rounded edges the Speedy is remarkably spacious and sleek, two very good reasons for it’s popularity. There’s something oh so satisfying and simple about it, and once you have one and realize how functional it is…then you begin to understand why it outsells any other Louis Vuitton replica by double, and has never failed to remain iconic in over 50 years of manufacture.

The size of an authentic Speedy 30 is 11.8″ x 8.3″ x 6.7″.

(Remember there are also Speedy 25, 35 and 45 designs, which differ only in size). Any Louis Vuitton replica you purchase should definitely be exact dimensions.

Other Features to look for:

  • Monogram canvas (Could be Classic, Damier or special editions)
  • 2 cowhide leather handles
  • Brown canvas lining
  • Golden brass hardware
  • Top zipper closure
  • Flat interior pocket
  • Padlock

The Speedy 30 is a Bag With History
The Speedy 30 first launched about 50 years ago as a redefinition of the Keepall travel bag. The Speedy was meant to be an all purpose day to day purse, a smaller version of the carry on luggage it was modeled after. As the story goes, it was created especially for Audrey Hepburn who requested a smaller version of her Keepall from her favorite designer—and Louis Vuitton came through. Don’t you wish you could get what you wanted?

Below you see a picture from one of the very first Speedy 30 ad campaigns featuring Audrey. In the 50 years since, Ms Hepburn’s personal bag has been worn by perhaps more stars than any other purse: From Jessica Simpson to J-Lo, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Ashley Olsen, Lo Bosworth—even Snoop Dogg sported one for a while.

LV Speedy 30 & Audrey Hepburn

One of the first Speedy 30 bags sported by the ever gorgeous Audrey Hepburn.

The Speedy 30 these days sells for about $750. Take note! Louis Vuitton replicas of this design in classic Monogram average $200. Still a huge savings of course, but remember to expect replica perfection baby, because with this bag you can definitely get it. Hey wait, maybe we all can get what we want!

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