Anna Kournikova does Louis Vuitton


Anna Kournikova does Louis Vuitton

On with our Celebs week! I have decided to feature an athletic woman. And who better to do so with than the ever beautiful Anna Kournikova. Tell all your boys out there peering over your shoulder to quit drooling: she is not a model, she’s a tennis player (although I swear men forget that). I must admit that I really do think she is beautiful and she wears this Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy 30 like it is her job. If I were the bag I would not want to leave her perfectly toned and tan arm either, or the arm of her boy toy Enrique for that matter ;-)

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Louis Vuitton Bag Charm Monogramouflage


Have you ever felt like when you see something you really want, you’d do everything to have it? Urgh, that’s what I’m currently feeling! I hate it! I hate the fact that I really want this Bag Charm Monogramouflage! Not wanting, but lusting! It’s just plain gorgeous! I hate Takashi Murakami for doing the Monogramouflage coz it makes me want to grab my Mum’s credit card and buy the whole collection. I think this is LVoe…

Charm Louis Vuitton Bag Charm Monogramouflage

The Bag Charm Monogramouflage is perfect, literally. It has five dogtag-like charms, all engraved with Louis Viutton. It complements the other Monogramouflage pieces making it a must have for Lys, Jasmin, Treillis, Speedy, Keepall owners. This stunningly beautiful Charm comes in two colors; Khaki and Red. It’s available online in eLuxury and offline in Louis Vuitton boutiques for $480. Don’t even bother to go to eLuxury coz it’s already sold out.

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Louis Vuitton New Launched Collection Series Handbag


Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbags

Since 1997, Marc Jacobs joined the LV group, as the artistic director, he was made a big transformation for LV handbag style to make it become the one of most valuable luxury brand in the world from the previous hackneyed style. Now, in the field of fashion brand,Louis Vuitton fashion, handbags, and fashion accessories to become the fastest growing product sales. Many of celeb choose Louis Vuitton handbags not only because they need it, but also LV as the biggest luxury brand in the world, the production process and design styles in the fashion industry is unique. So if you want to get something different, Louis Vuitton always their first and best choice. Now, in the year of 2013, Louis Vuitton launched a handbag collection series, it is must be worth you collect it.

Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma Rose VeloursLouis Vuitton Mon Monogram Speedy

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda


Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda Porte-cles

Takashi Murakami stikes again in full force. After creating the Monogram Cerises line along with Marc Jacobs, his creative talent gave birth to the new Monogram Panda line of bags and accessories. Don’t be fooled, this series is not new. Murakami released limited editions of monogram bags with Pandas and other characters a few years ago. However, the limited eds were only available in Japan. The line then included a variety of bags featuring the Panda, including the round coin pouch, agenda, billfold, the vavin and others.

To me, the Panda looks a little freakish. Not to mention, it might be cute on a different backdrop, but on the classic monogram…? More than questionable. But as long as it sells and the Vuitton fanbase is not revolting, Murakami must be doing something right. As about only online store, ELuxury sells the pictured Panda keychain for $140.

Searching online archives, I’ve managed to collect two images from the past Murakami Panda collection for you to appreciate:

Flower Hat Man, Panda and Onion Head:

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Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles


Accessorizing or more commonly known as dressing up bags is very normal for Louis Vuitton bag owners. It spices up and adds character in the bag which would make it look even more prettier. The accessories chucked on a bag differs from one person to another. You might see someone carrying a Monogramouflage Speedy with a Pastilles Key Ring like camocouture; scary but true. But there are some accessories that are really born made to complement a certain bag. Here are some equations that I formulated perfect for bag accessorizers.

Formula # 1
Pastilles + Watercolor = Aquarelle Bling

PASTILLES WATERCOLOR Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles

Crown a Watercolor Speedy ($1,270) with a Pastilles Chains Key Ring ($435) and have a very cute and colorful combo bag fit for spring and summer. It’s a match because the color tones of the watercolor are similar to those of the Pastilles. And the gold chains complements the innocent and virginal looking vachetta. Here are some exclusive photos of the “coronation” via mustlovecatz from tPF.

wcthumb1 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilleswcthumb2 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilleswcthumb3 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles

Formula # 2
Bandeau + Watercolor = Aquarelle Hypnosis

AQUARELLEHYPNOSIS Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles

Bring out the cute in you! Aquarelle Bandeau is another perfect match for the Watercolor Speedy, the reason is simple in which I think you already know… they’re both have aquarelle prints! Now that’s a shocking information! Lol.. Here’s Lec8504′s Aquarelle Hypnosis.

aquarellethumb1 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastillesaquarellethumb2 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles

Formula # 3
Pastilles x Aquarelle Bandeau ÷ Watercolor = Aquarelle Overload

WATERCOLORBANDEAUPASTILLES Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles

Now this combination is a winner, the Aquarelle Bandeau ($135) adds more color and volume to the bag making it look sassy and posh. The Bandeau and the Speedy both have the same print so it doesn’t look over-accessorized. It’s just somewhere in between. Here are Cyndee’sAquarelle Overload! I love the striking blue in the background. So summery!

wc005 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles
wc006 Accessorize Your Bag: Aquarelle and Pastilles

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Louis Vuitton Summer Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

2013 Summer Louis Vuitton Fashion trend

As the one of most outstanding luxury brand in the world, this French luxury Louis Vuitton have been always leading the fashion trends for many years, every year, there are many of newest series products will be launched and lead the top fashion trends. In Paris in 1854 opened his own name the first luggage store, a century later, Louis Vuitton luggage and leather goods in the field to become one of the best brands, and become a high society symbols, many of celebs and rich people rush to it. I love the models from LV because they are always very special and hand mad in Italy & France. With high quality and beautiful details created very different styles. Now, let us enjoy those perfect girls, macrons and pretty clothes from Louis Vuitton blow!

Carola very classy von Kopf bis Fuss in LV

When we invited to the Louis Vuitton store to look at the latest summer collection, with skills handmade and unique design really make them special, i personally love the very highly quality of Louis Vuitton sunglasses, you also can pick them at Louis Vuitton online store to enjoy a lower price than physical store. The Summer fashion trends of Louis Vuitton is inspired by the island of Mykonos and dominate the colors white, blue and fuchsia. Check out those beautiful images below and choose the most fashionable Louis Vuitton product online for your love.

2013 Louis Vuitton Summer Fashion Outfit

LV Fashion Sunglasses

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