Louis Vuitton Remained the World’s Most Valuable Luxury Brand in 2014



Louis Vuitton has changed a lot over the past couple of years, and by the numbers, the shifts in strategy are starting to look like they’re working. According to research firm Millward Brown, Vuitton held onto its spot as the world’s most valuable luxury brand in 2014, and it was one of only two that gained value.

Every year, the Millward Brown BrandZ Study looks at metrics like corporate earnings and consumer attitudes for global brands in a variety of categories and assess how they’re performing, both relative to their competition and their own previous valuations. This year, of the luxury brands measured, only Louis Vuitton and Chanel gained value; LV rose 6% to $27.4 billion and the top spot on the luxury list, while Chanel grew 15% to a $9 billion valuation, which brought the French powerhouse in at fourth worldwide. Louis Vuitton has been ranked first in luxury for ten years running.

According to Bloomberg Business, Millward Brown analyst Elspeth Cheung attributes both Louis Vuitton’s and Chanel’s increasing value to recent strategy changes; Louis Vuitton’s revitalization is working, and Chanel’s price harmonization across markets has encouraged in-store consumption.

On the whole, though, luxury brands did not fare so well in 2014. The second and third place companies (Hermès and Gucci, respectively) each saw valuation decreases, and even in the top ten, the category was down an average of 6%.

As a consumer, do these findings reflect your perceptions of the brands in question?

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While it may have been broadcast world over that Louis Vuitton’s L’Aventure is teaching patrons the ‘Art of Packing’, what is unmissable is the French label’s latest luxury-embossed endeavor. The brand has released a line of suitcases poised for a deluxe winter. Chic, colorful and stylish, incidentally, it also happens to be apt to implement the aforementioned arty effort.


Part of the luxury collection for winter 2013, the latest Louis Vuitton luggage reveals LV’s haute heritage and the ancient art of handcrafting high quality leather goods, upheld by the Parisian label. The fashion house has dished out only the best, be it handbags or trolley, since its inception. Joining that long-revered list of travel genius is the new Pegase 45 suitcase in trendy colors including pink indien and monogrammed to perfection. Crafted in luxe Vernis leather, it is available in a practical cabin size version and equipped with a durable outer cover. Priced at $3350, it also comes in the exclusive amaranth, a ravishing rouge fauviste and an elegant pomme d’ amour.


For the longer haul, on the other trolley towing hand is the Pegase 55 Epi Electric. Unlike the ultra-feminine 45, the medium size suitcase is somber and minimal. An apostle of sophistication, it is glossy and glamorous in Epi leather but for those with more classic-favoring palates, the 55 also comes in the LV staple monogram canvas ($3,200). Priced at $4,650, it is the uber-stylish travel companion and needless to say, every fashionista worth her weight in luxurious leather should bag one.


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You’d see every other fashionista catching a firm hold on every opportunity to own a Louis Vuitton, be it any merchandise from its celebrated wardrobe. In fact, there’s no way you wouldn’t have noticedCelebs and their Louis Vuitton luggage. Owing to the popularity of their travel luggage makes and the increasing ‘likes’ top sport a LV monogramed baggage, Louis Vuitton launches the New Louis Vuitton Zephyr rolling suitcase luggage. Though the baggage holds resemblance to the iconic Pegase range, the Zepyr is a make that ties the knot between style and functionality – a successful attempt at allowing travellers to travel rough, but with the patented elegance that Louis Vuitton offers. Zephyr promises the best of travel experiences to its consumers.

It’s fast on its legs, rolls a full 360 degree making handling easy, has an interior that provides ample space and neatly divided compartments, soft rounded cane handle, a fibre glass frame and stitching that is impeccable, making its suitable for any kind of journey. The suitcase also comes with a cowhide leather trim and a leather name tag, and a padlock in gold, among other features. Available in two sizes: 55cm and 70cm, the Zephyr in $3700, is the perfect companion that would withstand the rigors of travel, as well as twist and turn in every busy direction you urge it to.


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Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack Launched For Discerning Gentleman


During the Black Friday big deal season, here we will bring you another new Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack for those discerning gentleman. We all now, no matter for outfits, shoes, fashion items or handbags, there are always find many of designs for women but rarely for men. Especially for men backpack since men don’t like to carry handbags when they go out.

1 louis-vuitton-taurillon-backpack-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M43733 1

Even thought a backpack not a must-have bag for every men in daily life, but for those men whom need carry lots of things including wallet, penknife, football tickets, fishing rod, and more, a fashionable and high quality backpack will be right for you.

This newest Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack special design for those gentleman whole chase taste and fashion. It is features iconic Toron leather top handle, adjustable leather shoulder straps and magnetic buckle closure with silver brass finishing.

Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack M43733
Retail Price: $5,000.00

1 lv backpacks details 1 louis-vuitton-taurillon-backpack-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M43733_ 2 1 louis-vuitton-taurillon-backpack-cuir-taurillon-men-s-bags--M43733_ 3

Take a view and seem whether this backpack is for you. If not, there, here are more similar and different Louis Vuitton Backpacks for men below and they are all available for sale onCheap LV Bags!

1 Louis-Vuitton -Black-Backpacks 9 1 louis-vuitton-backpacks-fall-2014 4 1 louis-vuitton-backpacks-fall-2014 5 1 louis-vuitton-backpacks-fall-2014 6 1 louis-vuitton-backpacks-fall-2014 7 1 Louis-Vuitton-Bongo-Black-Backpacks 8 1 louis-vuitton-bosphore-backpack-monogram-canvas-travel--M40107_ 10

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Man Bag Monday: Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack


Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack

Historically, “discreet” hasn’t often been a word used to describe Louis Vuitton bags, but times are a-changing at the French leather goods powerhouse. Several seasons before Nicolas Ghesquiere was brought in to helm the women’s side of the company, Kim Jones was hired to oversee the men’s side of things; his contribution to the brand’s legacy has already been tremendous.

The Louis Vuitton Taurillon Backpack (named for the type of leather it uses) is a small piece of the masculine-luxury look that Jones has built, but it’s a good representative for the vibe that permeates much of the brand’s men’s bags. It’s luxurious and simple; minimal, but not in an architecturally aggressive way. It has a traditionalism to it, and the design is well-edited enough that it doesn’t make men who don’t want to carry a purse feel like that’s what they’re doing.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 45 Bandoulière Empreinte Line



The Empreinte leather collection is a feminine, luxurious crafted experience. It draws in with its charm and grandeur lines, the rich heritage adds an extra touch of refinement. We have seen it integrated into the Artsy bag, which became one of the most favorite accessory for many fashionista’s. And now introducing the Louis Vuitton Empreinte Keepall Bandouliere bag.

Since its first launch in 2010, the Empreinte line became an inseparable family of Louis Vuitton, the discreet embossing on the monogram Empreinte leather is an impressive rich sensational, in combination with its bandouliére embellishment makes it always playful and always feminine. This item is our newest obsession for this season, which is actually a perfect travel bag in case you wonder. The Keepall is elegant and practical for its numerous pockets and spacious interior. The colors and shapes never fails to enlighten you and makes you feel good as a fashion conscious when carrying at the airport.

A convenient bandoulière shoulder strap has been constructed, it can be adjusted or removed any time you desire. It has 2 interior pockets and 1 large interior zipped flat pocket crafted and secured with double zipped lockable closure. You can’t put your eyes away from its shiny gold brass pieces. Knowing that it’s made entirely from smooth leather trims with key holder, name tag and handle fastener, I am sure you will not get disappointed.

Because the Keepall 45 Bandouliere is quite a large bag, I think you will be happy to know its measurement; 17.7″ x 10.6″ x 7.9″. It’s available in the colors Aube, Orient and Infini and its priced at $3,300 or €2.250 at Louis Vuitton.


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