The Making Of Louis Vuitton Petite Mall Bag



One of the biggest launch of Louis Vuitton, the Petite Malle Bag, inspired by the iconic trunks. The name ‘Petite Malle’ means ‘Small Trunk’ in English and can be worn cross body. Every element of the iconic trunk bag has been duplicated into the ‘Petite Malle’, to even the tiniest details, like the corner pieces, handles, and the LV initials, it’s 101 percent love.

To go even deeper, this bag comes with a canvas cover that can be removed and also a shoulder strap. You can go from day to night, from a shoulder bag to a clutch. If you need the details, like the prices and sizes, please go to our previous post: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Bag.

And because this bag is labeled to be the new ‘IT Bag’, we thought you might want to learn more by stripping it and then putting it together. First what you need to know is that the interior is as classic as the exterior; the inside is beautified with diamond patterns, in white and black stripes. The front lock is just for the design; you can open the bag from the top.

Then the box is put together with ruthenium/golden hardware and with a bit of vintage to make it more timeless. The exterior is up to your choice, it comes in Monogram, Damier, Epi and Epi Electric or Metallic.


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Louis Vuitton Damier Carbone Keepall Bandoulière Bag



What’s on most people’s mind right now, is probably: ‘Okay, another Louis Vuitton Bag’. And, ‘it’s from the Keepall Collection, so what?’.

Can’t blame them, there are so-many Louis Vuitton bags that I have literally lost counts. From duffle to shoulders, from luggage to buckets, but anyways, this bag is a new release. Listen to what we’ve to say, starting with the history:

The original Keepall bag was first introduced in 1930, it’s even older than the iconic ‘speedy bag’. Throughout the years the Keepall have been refined and modernized to match our time of fashion. And the Louis Vuitton Damier Carbone Keepall Bandoulière bag was first launched in 2011.

A marvelous release because it’s the first time that Louis Vuitton has mixed the Keepall with carbon fiber material. And as an extension, the brand has added a bigger size to its collection.

Carbon fiber and Keepall are the perfect combination because it strengthens what the Keepall stands for, which was initially made for traveling. An ideal carry-on should be lightweighed, this edition is 35 percent lighter than the monogram and the Damier canvas version. Carbon fiber makes the Keepall bag resistance to high chemicals and makes it high temperature tolerance, low thermal expansion and it gives a high tensile strength. With all these features, the traveler can move from the India to Japan, from the mountains to the Amazon with style.

It comes with a removable and adjustable strap, finished with aluminium and silver brass pieces, including a padlock. The interior is embellished with double flap pocket. With this new addition, there are now in total two sizes available. The Keepall 45 is measured 17.7″ x 9.8″ x 7.9″ and the Keepall 55 is measured 21.7″ x 11.8″ x 9.4″. It’s currently sold-out on Louis Vuitton e-store, you need to run to their physical store to purchase. 

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Louis Vuitton Introducing New Backpack Collection



The trend of backpacks continue to climb, in fact, it’s so popular that Louis Vuitton decided to launch an entire new line. Obviously, they couldn’t ignore the fact that, backpacks have become hotter than the volcano.

Perhaps Chanel started this hype, with their graffiti backpacks that changed the way we dress. I mean, what’s cooler in the summer than carrying a graffiti-painted, self-made charms (the ones you put together when you get bored in the classroom) bag on your back and combined with street style fashion? I was skeptical at first until I spotted a few bloggers styling it, and they looked darn good.



Naturally, three of the four new Louis Vuitton backpacks need to be printed with the iconic monogram canvas. The design is strenghtend with two buckles non the front. It features two side pockets and a handle on the top. Are you read to climb the mountain?


Another one that Louis Vuitton is going to be released, is much more streamlined. Monogram Canvas is prohibited and it features a simple bucket closure on the front. It doesn’t even have side pockets. If you belief as much as I do, that simplicity is ultimate sophistication, then here you go.

Btw, the last Louis Vuitton backpack is also perfect for work. It’s easy and effortless.

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Confessions of a Keepall


I hate long-haul travel. Why? Because whenever Chen jets off to Europe or the United States, I’m left languishing in her closet. From the top shelf, I can see her, so slender and graceful, packing her suitcases – those big ones with wheels, the ones that go in the hold. And it’s absolute torture! I try to console myself by remembering that she chose me for my elegance, for my supple Monogram canvas and my leather handles, but I pine away in her Beijing apartment until she returns.

This time, however, I heard her say that she is going to a trade show in Shanghai for two days. And I’ll be going with her! She and some of her employees are taking the high-speed train that will get them to Shanghai Hongqiao station just over five hours.

On Wednesday, when Chen came home from the office, she took off her shoes and climbed up on the teak ladder to retrieve me from my shelf. I perked up instantly, the grain of my canvas almost quivering with excitement… A lingerie pouch, a toilet bag, a pair of stilettos, that wonderful little black cocktail dress… It’ll be a bit of a squeeze. But I would do anything for Chen.

First thing next morning, we were on our way to Beijing South station. She, elegant as ever. Me, never in better shape. The bullet train for Shanghai was at the platform, and Chen’s colleagues were already waiting by the door of coach 2. The journey started well enough, with me in the overhead luggage rack, but I was soon to be disappointed. I had been so looking forward to seeing the scenery, but at nearly 200 miles an hour, I couldn’t see a thing.

I was so terrified by the train’s speed that I did not recover my composure until we were in the limousine which collected us from Hongqiao station. It drove us to the hotel in Pudong, a building towering 1,600 feet above the Huangpu River. I was dazzled by the interior design and dumbstruck by the elevator – a rocket launch is surely nothing by comparison.

On the 86th floor, a butler ushered us into our suite, putting me down right by the huge picture window. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. I hoped they wouldn’t leave me there… The butler must have sensed my discomfort, because next thing I knew I was in the walk-in wardrobe where he was arranging Chen’s things. Folded by his expert hands, I could at last relax while I mused on the words of the writer and traveler Ella Maillart: “I wanted to forget that we had inevitably to return home.”

Confessions of a Keepall Confessions of a Keepall

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Louis Vuitton Zéphyr Trolley


Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has accompanied the world’s most celebrated travelers, defining, with each expertly conceived and painstakingly crafted creation, an art de voyager. Once again at the leading edge of innovation, Louis Vuitton introduces its brand-new travel case – the four-wheeled Zéphyr created by the leather goods craftsmen at the Saint-Donat workshop in the Drôme region of France. This suitcase brings together Louis Vuitton’s artisanal savoir-faire and cutting-edge technology.

Covering the case’s gentle curves, Monogram canvas epitomizes the timeless elegance and legendary robustness for which Louis Vuitton luggage is renowned. Designed to withstand the rigors of life on the move and to perform the feats of acrobatics demanded of high-flyers, it twists and turns upon itself with admirable ease thanks to its 4 multi-directional wheels, ensuring the treasures it transports within its two shells come to no harm. Its ergonomic design allies capacity and lightness. Completely waterproof, it is also ultra hardwearing thanks to a process that uses thermocompression.

Inside, it is as ingeniously arranged as one of the Maison’s historic trunks. Nothing is left to chance; every detail fulfils a traveler’s need, right down to the slim pockets into which a notebook can be slipped at the very last minute. A series of closed and adjustable spaces offers so many possibilities, gently guiding even the most disorderly of travelers along the path to reason. Last but not least, the Zéphyr exhibits all the features that sign a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage for life: the pale gold patina on the leather handle and address tag, the padlock, the LV initials, and a myriad discreet and carefully considered refinements that make traveling a pleasure.

Available in two sizes: 55 (9.4″ x 22.0 x 14.6″) and 70 (17.7″ x 29.1″ x 11.4″), the Zéphyr completes the Louis Vuitton luggage collection, joining the iconic Alzer suitcase, the Pégase cabin case and Keepall weekend holdall. Louis Vuitton Zéphyr is available for purchase at Louis Vuitton stores for US$3550 and US$4400 for the 55 and 70 respectively.

January 2014 Update

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Zephyr Louis Vuitton Zéphyr Trolley
Damier Ebène Zéphyr 55 & 70
 55 – 9.4″ x 22.0 x 14.6″, 70 – 17.7″ x 29.1″ x 11.4″
Prices: 55 – US$3550, 70 – US$4400

Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Zephyr Louis Vuitton Zéphyr Trolley
Damier Graphite Zéphyr 55 & 70
 55 – 9.4″ x 22.0 x 14.6″, 70 – 17.7″ x 29.1″ x 11.4″
Prices: 55 – US$3550, 70 – US$4400

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Louis Vuitton Unveils Monogram Collaboration Pieces from Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin and More


Louis Vuitton Icon and Iconoclasts Collection

The Louis Vuitton Icon and Iconoclasts Collection turned a lot of heads when it was announced, mostly because of the perennially bold-faced names from the worlds of fashion and design that had signed on to participate. Louis Vuitton tasked fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Rei Kawakubo, as well as architect Frank Gehry, photographer Cindy Sherman and industrial designer Mark Newson with creating artful fashion pieces using the brand’s signature monogram print, and now we know what each of them did with the challenge.

It was rumored from the beginning that Lagerfeld, perhaps the project’s most surprising participant, would make a punching bag, and not only that, but it’ll come in three sizes, hang with handbag-like straps on its included stand and also function as a regular handbag. For more serious training, a full-size punching bag and storage trunk, both covered in monogram canvas, are also available for an undisclosed price. To finish out the theme, a set of boxing gloves and their weekender-like case are also part of Lagerfeld’s capsule collection.

Louboutin and Sherman went in particularly colorful directions with their contributions, while Kawakubo was as weird as you’d expect her to be and Gehry was duly architectural. Newson’s fleece-paneled backpacks were easily the most wearable of bags in the collection, a sensibility that should serve him well at his new employer: Apple.

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