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Louis Vuitton has served up some great bags as of late. Rapid recall of a few of our favorites: TheDora, The Garance, and The Petite Malle. PurseBop even speculates that the Louis Vuitton Capucinescould reach classic status.

Today, we excitedly introduce a new LV bag with some promising potential: The Louis Vuitton City Steamer

louis-vuitton-city-steamer-gm-fashion-show-selection--M51031_PM2_Front view

History and Specs

The Louis Vuitton City Steamer first appeared in the Cruise 2016 runway show and received lots of hype immediately after its debut. The City Steamer finally arrived in stores at the beginning of this month, and the buzz still hasn’t stopped. What’s all this talk about? The LV City Steamer just looks a little too familiar…some may say, very Birkin-esque. Before you can decide whether you’re yay or nay on the Birkin similarities, let’s take a closer look…

The City Steamer is a modernized version of LV’s original steamer luggage bag. The bag is very structured and roomy, which make it very functional for carrying travel essentials and other business documents. Adding to the travel element of City Steamer, the bag features an engraved padlock in the center and an embossed luggage tag. Other functional features include a double zip enclosure and a detachable shoulder strap. The City Steamer comes in 3 different sizes, PM, MM, and GM.

Creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere seemed to carefully design the City Steamer with a clear purpose in mind. Overall, the City Steamer is very sleek, minimalistic, and appropriately functional. The exterior details that are present don’t detract from the bag’s silhouette. The handles have the same attachments as the Dora bag and the gold padlock dangles elegantly from the middle. With various sizes and leather options, the LV City Steamer can hold its own in daytime or evening occasions.

Louis Vuitton City Steamer Prices

Style Price in USD
Louis Vuitton City Steamer PM $3,550
Louis Vuitton City Steamer MM $4,100
Louis Vuitton City Steamer GM $4,400
Louis Vuitton City Steamer Studded PM $5,750


louis-vuitton-city-steamer-pm-fashion-show-selection--M51034_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-fashion-show-selection--M51036_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-city-steamer-pm-fashion-show-selection--M51021_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-crocodile-mat-fashion-show-selection--N92427_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-fashion-show-selection--M51027_PM2_Front view
louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-fashion-show-selection--M51035_PM2_Front view

City Steamer vs. Birkin

From first glance, the City Steamer may scream “Birkin”especially if you focus on the gold padlock. However, as far as the silhouette itself, if the City Steamer does mimic the Birkin, it only does so innocuously. The bag’s rectangular shape is fairly common as seen by the structured bag trend this year. It’s hard to decide whether we should have a grievance with the gold padlock or not. Instead of asking “Does the City Steamer look too much like the Birkin?”, a better question to ask is: “Is the City Steamer special enough for us?”

Celebrity Sightings


Selena Gomez

Instagram Eye Candy

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The verdict is up to you: LV City Steamer – YAY OR NAY?

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag



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Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 City Bags Ad Campaign Featuring Michelle Williams

Louis Vuitton News

Following her highly successful debut as the face of Louis Vuitton, actress Michelle Williams is back this spring in a second advertising campaign spotlighting three key city bags: the new Lockit, the Capucines, and the iconic Alma.

Photographed once again by Peter Lindbergh, whose sensitive portraits embodied the spirit of the first campaign, Michelle Williams is here revealed in a new light, bringing her special acting talents to bear as she projects three different facets of femininity in a series of visuals styled by Carine Roitfeld.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 City Bags Ad Campaign Featuring Michelle Williams 8 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 City Bags Ad Campaign Featuring Michelle Williams

For the Lockit, Louis Vuitton’s contemporary reinterpretation of its classic 1950s design, Michelle Williams is the essence of the stylish, self-confident Parisienne. Her nonchalant poses reflect the understated elegance of the new day bag in supple Veau Cachemire leather, which is featured in chic pastel shades. For the Alma, the actress is in playful spirits, showcasing the bag’s eye-popping colors of Epi leather as she perches on a pile of trunks. The ladylike Capucines, meanwhile, is ideally complemented by a more restrained, sophisticated mood.

From the compelling combination of force and fragility of the first campaign, to the vibrant contrasts of this second outing, Michelle Williams – as she has done so many times on screen – makes her own her latest role as the multi-faceted Louis Vuitton woman.

First rising to prominence in Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning Brokeback Mountain (2005), Michelle Williams went on to give critically acclaimed performances in films such as Synecdoche, New York (2008), Shutter Island (2010), and My Blue Valentine (2010). In 2011, her performance as Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn earned her a Golden Globe and her third Oscar nomination. Michelle Williams has finished filming Suite Française, which is based on the award-winning novel by Irène Némirovsky, discovered decades after the writer’s death in Auschwitz.

The new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign with Michelle Williams will break in the May 2014 issues of magazines worldwide.

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Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History


In October 2013 Rizzoli NY releases a surprising volume: a natural history of Louis Vuitton City Bags. This book combines a unique, appealing approach with almost a scientific play on iconic shapes.

The first comprehensive taxonomy of Louis Vuitton’s City Bags, a range of women’s handbags that date back to turn of the 20th century. Featuring the trademarks of the House, City Bags represent the most successful line of accessories in the history of modern fashion—and were instrumental in making Louis Vuitton synonymous with modern luxury.

These soft-sided bags grew out of the various pieces of portable luggage that were themselves packed inside the trunks and wardrobes that had long ago represented the heritage of the company, and in a hundred years diversified to body forth every conceivable function demanded by the modern woman. Profoundly influential, they are now known by name — Speedy, Papillon, Alma, Lockit, Noé, Bucket, Neverfull, Sac Plat & the Pochette.

Taking a page from attempts to organize entire classes of industrial design objects in the previous century, this volume chronicles the development of the City Bags through a system mimicking the scientific classification of plants and animals. Tracing the origins and history of these bag “families” from the four pieces of hand-carried luggage that served as their direct, generative “ancestors” — the Steamer, the Vanity, the Alzer & the Keepall — the book carefully examines the earliest specimens of City Bag through today’s most sought-after collectibles.

Apart from providing as complete a genealogy for each of the main handbag “families”, the book examines how the artistic collaborations engaged by Louis Vuitton in the last two decades have hastened the evolution of City Bags, transforming the basic types into increasingly divergent forms.

A classic Natural History book, this work is presented in a canvas clamshell with marble paper and a set of eleven illustrated plates. Available in French, English and Italian this limited edition will be on sale exclusively for Louis Vuitton stores and on louisvuitton.

Louis Vuitton City Bags A Natural History Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History

Book Specifications:

400 pages.
9.4″ x 12.2″ (24 x 31 cm)
500 full color images: specific drawings
and shooting orders, ad campaign, archive documents.
Printed in Italy.
From September 2013, you will discover the
video teaser of the book on
In Parallel, Rizzoli NY proposes an entertaining
iPhone, iPad application available for free on the App Store.

October 2013
Deluxe edition for Louis Vuitton stores:
book presented in a clamshell bound in buckram
canvas, enriched by eleven loose plates.

English (published by Rizzoli NY)
French (published by Éditions de la Martinière)
Italian (published by Rizzoli Italia)

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Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History Book Release October 15


Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History Book Release October 15

Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Nation History will release October 15th

Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Nation History

The director designer for Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs will leave Louis Vuitton to take full attention to his own brand, and before he left, Louis Vuitton City Bags will released A Natural History Book on October 15. In this book, Louis Vuitton will record the history of the Louis Vuitton’s bags from it’s start with Trunks to the iconic bags collaborated on by individuals such as Yayoi Kusama, Stephen Sprouse and Takahashi Murakami. Louis Vuitton Natural History Book in 400 pages and available in few editions in a retail price $85.00.

Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History Book was written by Jean-Claude Kaufmann, Ian Luna, Florence Muller, Mariko Nishitani and Colombe Pringle. Florence Muller is a curator, fashion historian, and associate professor at the Institut Francais de la Mode. Takashi Murakami is an artist based in New York and Tokyo.

This LV Natural History Book is an unprecedented history of Louis Vuitton’s women’s bags, included the latest fashion trends accessories for women. From the first Cheap LV handbagswhich designed in 1901 to the iconic and most fashionable latest Louis Vuitton bag now, there are millions of Authentic Louis Vuitton sale can be find in this book. Not only have the model about those Real LV Handbags, but also you can find a range of City Bag story.

Lots of those Cheap Authentic LV bag record in the City Bags History Book, you can find them at our Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags store sale in a lower price with free shipping. Shop real LV bag online, please visit!

Louis-Vuitton-City-Bags-published-by-Rizzoli-NY-released October 15



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