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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag. Named after the Parisian avenue, the Montaigne Bag is a smart and spacious tote bag, which was released early this year. It features a central zipped compartment with a padlock and two wide interior compartments. It includes a detachable shoulder strap. The bag can be carried in three ways, in the hand, on the arm or over the shoulder. The BB version can be carried across the body with its extra long strap. It is available in three sizes, GM, MM and BB. The Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag comes in Monogram Canvas and Monogram Empreinte.

Style, Price & Size




Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Montaigne BB Bag $2,260.00 (USD) 11.4” W x 7.9” H x 5.1” D
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Montaigne MM Bag $2,410.00 (USD) 13” W x 9.1” H x 5.9” D
Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Montaigne GM Bag $2,570.00 (USD) 15.4” x 11” x 6.3”




Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB Bag $2,880.00 (USD) 11.4” W x 7.9” H x 5.1” D
Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Montaigne MM Bag $3,250.00 (USD) 13” W x 9.1” H x 5.9” D
Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Montaigne GM Bag $3,500.00 (USD) 15.4” x 11” x 6.3”

Louis Vuitton Citrine Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB BagLouis Vuitton Lilas Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB Bag
Louis Vuitton Black Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB BagLouis Vuitton Black Monogram Empreinte Montaigne MM Bag

Louis Vuitton Amethyste Monogram Empreinte Montaigne MM BagLouis Vuitton Black Monogram Empreinte Montaigne GM Bag

You’ve probably seen this bag as this is not a new bag but guess what, the size is new. Yes, it’s the Louis Vuitton Montaigne Bag and the GM is the largest size among the brood.

Ideal for the feisty businesswoman who is destined to rule the corporate world, the Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM Bag is smart and chic at the same time. It’s well-designed interior is structured to hold all your essentials, while the Monogram Empreinte leather adds a touch of finesse. But did you know that… this bag also comes in the Monogram Canvas? Yes, just in case you miss that information.

Now let’s hop on to the bag details. It features a smooth calf leather trim with golden color metallic pieces. For women who love multi-functionality, this one is for you as the shoulder strap is perfect for hand or shoulder carry options.

We also love the fact that it has several compartments to carry your everyday must-haves. It has 1 central interior zipped compartment with padlock signature, 2 wide interior functional compartments, 1 double smartphone pocket, and 1 large flat pocket.

Measuring 15.4’ x 6.3’ x 11’ (L x H x W) inches and is priced $3500 USD, €2580 euro, £2170 GBP, $28900 HKD via Louis Vuitton online store.




Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM Bag in Monogram Canvas
Price: $2570 USD, €1900 euro, £1590 GBP, $21200 HKD

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti Neverfull GM


I know that the Stephen Sprouse collections have been a bit controversial among the Louis Vuitton crowd, but for some reason, I can’t help but like them. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of the Sprouse aesthetic in general, or maybe because my generation is probably the target audience for pop-art fashion, or maybe it’s just because my personal taste can, at times, venture to the ridiculous. For whatever reason, I wish I had unlimited funds and a reason to own something like the Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti Neverfull GM.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti Neverfull GM

As with all Neverfulls, I wish the strap was thicker, and if it was it would make a perfect school bag for a college kid that has everything (and I knew one or two of those during my undergrad years). Because of the utter ridiculousness of the bag – orange writing over brown and tan monogram – it’s one of those bags that you really wouldn’t need to try and match to anything. It’s iconic enough on it’s own that the only thing I would seriously advise against wearing it with would be another bold pattern. Other than that, go to town – wear it with whatever, but be proud. It’s the type of bag that you really have to own to pull it off. 

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Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Saleya GM


Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Saleya GMI popped into Bal Harbour last week with Vlad. Typically I love going there. But it was just one of those days. You know the days where you think your pants look too tight, your shirt is riding up, your skin is not looking fresh? Yep, I was having that day. So after a not-so-great experience in Neiman Marcus (come on, you NEVERTELL A LADY SHE NEEDS AN OIL STABILIZER on a day over 100 degrees and humid!) we made our way to Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour store is always welcoming, has great SA’s, and has a stunning array of bags. Unfortunately, my favorite SA was not in that day, so I didn’t buy anything. But I did notice this Azur piece and I really took a liking to it. The Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Saleya GM is the perfect size, 18.1″ x 12.9″ x 9.4″, for the lady who means business every day. The exterior zip pocket caught my eye. I would easily throw some papers in there, my phone, and when traveling my passport. We all know I am an avid traveler that seems to misplace my passport in large handbags from time to time :lol:. The inside also sports a patch pocket and cell phone pocket and impeccably delightful honey microfiber lining. There is a zipper closure so even if you roll over, your goods won’t be flying out. 

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Congo GM


Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas CongoVlad and I had popped into Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour on May 1st to see some of the newly released bags in person (as well as buy a few goodiesourselves). Our fab SA told Vlad to give the new Congo line from LV a chance. Not a huge fan of Monogram, Vlad was skeptical, but both the SA and I found the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Congo GM to show lots of summer fun potential. This messenger bag contains the usual specs one would expect from LV, but then there is an added net pocket under the front flap. The Congo name pays homage to the well known African river. For some reason many people associate summer with traveling and tropics, so this bag is perfect. Then again, you would only equate summer with tropical and safari traveling if you are one of those lucky families, couples, people; but come to think of it, the buying crowd is most likely much of the traveling crowd too. The messenger is trimmed in leather and sports a waterproof interior pocket. Dimensions are 17″x 11.95″x 4.6″. Pretty chic and fun for summer. 

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Jessica Simpson’s Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM

Louis Vuitton News

Jessica Simpson

Time has not been on my side lately. But I am going to try to find more of it. Today’s posts are late but they are here! For today, let’s live vicariously through the celebs. I catch myself checking out celebrity style all the time. For starters Jessica Simpson has been seen sporting the Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM Bag. Some are fans, some are not, but either way I know that Jessica has a much better collection that I can ever dream to have. 

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