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No, Louis Vutton didn’t just release designer thimbles. These are in fact unisex rings from the Skin collection that is apparently inspired by the architecture of a Palm Springs villa (no, I didn’t make that up). Sold as a set of 3 and available in 4 different designs, you can quite literally wear your love of say, the Monogram Canvas pattern on 3 of your fingers now, and given how they are all sized differently, should fit most of us depending on how thick your digits are.

Besides the ones in Monogram Canvas, you can also get them embossed on calf leather (2nd row), in Malletage (3rd row) or Strass (4th row). Priced at SGD900, SGD995,SGD1200, SGD1210 respectively from top to bottom for each set, I guess you could be Santa and give them as a set to one lucky recipient this Christmas, or Scrooge, and gift 3 different friends one ring each too, right?

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Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Key Ring


If you have a Louis Vuitton bag, you definitely must have this as a bag charm! The Tahitienne Key Ring straight from Louis Vuitton’s Tahitienne Collection is a delicate key bag charm whose prints are distinctively redrawn based from the Monogram flowers inspired by the cover of a catalogue published in 1924. The charm’s flowers are made from acetate which is the same material that is used in Louis Vuitton’s sunglasses so it’s very sturdy and feels so soft and smooth.

I’ve seen photos of bags with Tahitienne Key Ring and they definitely compliment each other, you can never go wrong with it. The charm pops out and is very eye-catching. Here’s some photos of the Tahitienne charm in action:

VerniloverTahitienneKeyRing Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Key Ring

Vernilover’s White Watercolor Speedy with Tahitienne Key Ring in Pink

TahitienneLoVer Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Key Ring

LoVer’s Monogram Speedy and White Watercolor Speedy with the Tahitienne Key Ring in Mauve

The Tahitienne Key Ring comes in three colors; Mauve, Sandy, and Pink. They’re all available online at louisvuitton.com and eLuxury and offline at any Louis Vuitton boutiquefor $450.

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